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Odds And Ends

I suppose it is fashionable to mumble one’s esteemed thoughts where everyone can read them. The Web is good like that. It gets things off your chest, you feel like you’ve said your piece and hopefully no will ever read it.

Breaking And Entering …and the MacGvyist Program of all.
The Sleeping Giant …and the time my bed tried to eat me
Ghosts, Spooks and Vengeful Jello …and the suspenseful adventure of my brush with the Other World.
Cooking …and delicious nouns with a lowfat adjective topping and a side of verbs.
Park psychology …and how life is a walk in the park.
Modern Koans …and a life full of Enlightenment.
Dinner Tonight? …and nostalgia for bachelorhood.
All Your Base …and how to take over the world
Procasti… …and an exhaustive treatise exploring the history,
motivational factors and biology behind procastination -
a trend which is quickly becoming an almost pandemic
ailment of modern culture. It is a comprehensive
monograph, filled with the insight of someone who has
dwelt on this problem for as long as he has desired to
write about it. Delivered by a person with keen wit
and tenacious grasp on a thesaurus.